Quaker Worship

We are members of the Society of Friends and we like to be known as Friends.  Our life and practice is a conviction, that there is something of God's Spirit in us all, that every soul can have immediate communion with Him.  We want to worship simply, excluding anything that for us would be insincere.

Members attend meetings for worship not primarily from a sense of duty, but because they want and need to do so.  For this reason the meeting for worship is the core of the Society's life.  It aims to be a gathering of people with one another in love and tenderness, sympathy and understanding, far removed from a casual, shallow passing encounter.

Nearly everyone at some time in their lives seems to want to find God for themselves, even those who find it difficult or impossible to believe that He exists.  This may be because of some particular problem.  No matter what is pressing on your mind at the moment, bring it with you into the silent meeting and allow you spirit to be united with God's presence.

Rather than having a predetermined program, the silence will be broken when one of those present feels that he or she has something to contribute, which will deepen and enrich the spirit of worship.  Anyone is free to speak, pray, read or sing, provided that he or she does so in a response to a prompting of the Spirit, which comes to him or her in the course of the meeting.  The silence is broken for the moment but is not interrupted.  In the quietness of the Friends meeting those present can become aware of a deep and powerful Spirit of Love and Truth that transends their ordinary experience.  United in love and strengthened by truth, the worshipper enters into a new level of living despite the different ways in which they may account for this lifes expanding experience.

When attending the Friends meetings, go in as soon as you are ready.  It is a good thing, if meetings can settle down a few minutes before the appointed time.

The meeting will close by the shaking of hands, then you may feel free to speak to anyone.  If you wish to know more about the Friends, please introduce yourself to any member.