Sparta Friends History

The pioneer of Yarmouth district was the Quaker, Jonathon Doan, who came to this area in 1813.  He pitched his tent and laid himself down on the spot which is now the Quaker cemetary in Sparta and where he is buried. 

The land in this area had been granted to the Baby family and Doan was acting as their land agent.  After two years Doan was so satisfied with the prospects that he returned to Pennsylvania and brought back with him several families, Including William Harvey, John Kipp, John Mills, and Joseph Albertson.

Doan built the first flour mill in South Yarmouth and operated the first tannery. 

In 1820 the first meetinghouse was built.  It was a little log building on the corner of Jonathan Doan's farm which land had been donated by him for the use of the Meeting.

Eventually a small frame Meeting House replaced the log building and, in 1865, a new site was chosen in a beautiful maple grove north of Sparta and the present Meeting House was erected.