First days in Uganda

posted Nov 4, 2011, 12:09 PM by Mary Edgar   [ updated Nov 4, 2011, 11:01 PM by Dianne Fowler ]

I came up to Koboko yesterday, from Kampala ... an extremely long bus ride in the end as, on the last leg of the journey, we came across a bus that blocked the road because it got stuck in mud...  fortunately there was a bus at both sides of this blockage, so one set of passengers got out of their bus, walked down a steep hill, over a narrow muddy bridge and up the other side to the bus which came from their destination.  

I was travelling with Mayimuna and the most difficult part about this was that we had 4 laptops, a solar panel, a regular carry-on bag, and a baby between us.  I was thankful Mayimuna was there - (although the baby grandson wouldn't have been there if she wasn't).  Mayimuna carried the laptops on her head, the baby on her back and 2 small bags.  I carried the carry-on bag and a small bag.  

I wished I could have taken a picture of us struggling to climb down and up the hill through the dark and mud - Fortunately she is strong - although this morning she was complaining of pain in her neck and back - not unexpected! - I don't know how she did it!  Everything survived.  The 3 large suitcases stayed on the bus and are due to arrive tomorrow.  I was happy that I'd taken the laptops out of them - I thought the bus would be a rougher experience for them than the plane!  If they were still in the suitcases I would still be very worried about their survival.  So - all was well!  

Things at the WENDWOA office are looking good.  My house is almost complete - just a roof and a bit of mud here and there -  you see I already have onions growing in the garden and  visitors in my living room!